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Zoom is not just mysterious; he's an enigma wrapped in a puzzle and seasoned with a few light sprinkles of mystery. His origins are unknown to pretty much everybody, and no one is sure of his real name or who he is. He obviously has a vast number of screws loose (probably literally) and seems to only be able to utter the word "zoom", thus granting him his nickname. However crazy he may be, his talents as a sniper as undoubtedly an asset to his team, just as long as they don't get on his bad side. When Zoom gets angry, he gets scary.

As a sniper class, Zoom works best from a long distance away where he can comfortably camp and score headshots. He's almost entirely defenseless at close range, only possessing his Jawtraps and Laser Barriers to protect him. Closing in on him is the key to defeating him, but his ability to cloak himself for a short period of time makes that harder than it should be.

Character BioEdit


"No one is completely sure of who Zoom is, what his real name is, or where he came from. He just sort of appeared in the draft office of the Shockbot Corps. What IS evident? He obviously suffered some sort of head trauma. With his sanity questionable and the word 'zoom' being the only word in his vocabulary, Zoom is clearly not right in the head. Zoom is ALSO clearly not the right Shockbot to be hired as Bronzhilda's new sniper, but as it turns out, he was the only recruit who even applied for the job."


Minion WarfareEdit

  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 127lbs
  • Likes: Zoom zoom zoom!
  • Dislikes: Zoom zoom zoom!
  • Relationships: Zoom zoom zoom!
  • Fears: Zoom zoom zoom!
  • Skills: Zoom zoom zoom!

Relevant StatisitcsEdit

Stat Rating
Health X X
Speed X X X
Damage X X X

Basic StrategyEdit

  • Snipe your opponents from hidden areas and score headshots to deal major damage.
  • Use Jawtraps and Laser Barriers to protect yourself while sniping.
  • Use your Cloaking Device to move silently from sniping point to sniping point.

Character VariantsEdit

Variant Effects
Hunter Zoom Extra headshot power
Fire Zoom Fire effects
Plasma Zoom Charging abilities

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Primary AttacksEdit

Attack Used By Type Capacity
Sniper Shot Zoom Basic 12 (14 when upgraded)
Headache Shot Hunter Zoom Critical 8 (10 when upgraded)
Flaming Sniper Shot Fire Zoom Basic 12 (14 when upgraded)
Plasma Shot Plasma Zoom Charged 12 (14 when upgraded)

Secondary AttackEdit

Attack Used By Notes
Jawtrap Zoom + variants *Can have 3 out at once

Primary AbilitiesEdit

Ability Effect
Cloaking Device Cloaks Zoom for a period of 6 seconds, making him invisible

Secondary AbilitiesEdit

Ability Effect
Laser Barrier Summons a laser barrier that damages enemies who touch it; can have three out at once


Coil Shot ModeEdit

Increases the damage output of Sniper Shot

Extra MagazineEdit

Increases the maximum ammunition capacity of Sniper Shot


Extra sunlight absorbed by Zoom's head leaves increases Zoom's speed

Cosmetic AccessoriesEdit

Main article: List of Zoom Accessories

Mac's four customizable slots are:

  • Hat - The hat on Zoom's head
  • Scope - The scope making up Zoom's eye
  • Tattoo - The tattoo on Zoom's face
  • Tank - The tank on Zoom's back


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Main article: Zoom Achievements

  • Number of Achievements: ??


  • Zoom's Minion counterpart is Chucky.
  • The hidden video Dossier: Zoom shows that every other character, including his own teammates, is absolutely terrified of Zoom, and go out of their way to avoid angering him. It also shows that Zoom seems to be completely aware of this.
  • Zoom is the only character in the game whose backstory is completely unknown, as is anything else about him.
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