Vengeance: Dawn of Oblivion
Vengeance 2
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ESRB rating
PlayStation, Xbox

Vengeance: Dawn of Oblivion is a crossover fighting game developed by Toshiko Games and LegendGames Entertainment, and published by LegendGames Entertainment. It is a crossover game combining the universes of Bio-Man and Hero's Retribution, as well as some original characters. There are currently going to be 24 playable fighters.. The game will recieve a follow-up game called Vengeance: The V-Rangers. It is the seventh game in the Vengeance Shared Universe and the end of Phase Two.


Vengeance: Dawn of Oblivion lets up to two players battle each other with characters from the Bio-Man and Hero's Retribution series, as plenty of original heroes. The game is played as a typical 2-D fighting game in a 3-D environment similar to Soul Calibur or Injustice: Gods Among Us. Each stage includes different levels of destructible settings that make the battles seem more realistic, such as vehicles that can be blown up, thrown, or weaponized, to an extent. Characters that take damage will show notable signs of fatigue during battle, such as battle scars, heavy breathing, and torn clothing.

This game focuses on stamina battles. There are a total of 24 characters in the game. Each Battle character is given an Ultimate, which is only accessed whenever players fill a "Hero Gauge/Villain Gauge" that charges the more your team overpowers their opponents.

Playable game modes include Battle for Earth, a single-player story mode, and progress through a storyline; Free Battle, which supports up to two players in both local offline play and online multiplayer (or four players in tag-team mode); and gallery mode that allows players to view character models and profiles, as well as the option to save replays from their battles. The game also includes a special "BGM Edit" mode that allows players to upload their own music from their console and apply it to the game. However, custom tracks may not be applied online due to copyright concerns.


For PlayStation

  • X Button: Jump
  • Square Button: Weak Attack
  • Circle Button: Strong Attack
  • Triangle Button: Guard Break
  • L1 Button: Block (attacking while blocking to throw)
  • R1 Button: Ranged Attack
  • L2 Button: Grab 1
  • R2 Button: Grab 2
    • L2 + R2 simultaneously: Ultimate Attack

For Xbox

  • A Button: Jump
  • X Button: Weak Attack
  • B Button: Strong Attack
  • Y Button: Guard Break
  • LB Button: Block (attacking while blocking to throw)
  • RB Button: Ranged Attack
  • LT Button: Grab 1
  • RT Button: Grab 2
    • LT + RT simultaneously: Ultimate Attack



Playable RosterEdit

Playable HeroesEdit

Hero Type Rival
Bio-Man Athletic Frostbite
Burrower Power
Crystal Quill Technical
Enzyme Power
Gyro Power Poltergeist
Haze Technical Havoc
King Croc Power Knightmare
Maya Athletic Jellyfish
Red-Tail Athletic Pangolin

Playable VillainsEdit

Villain Type Rival
Alistair Power
Brimstone Power
Deathcap Technical
Frostbite Technical Bio-Man
Grey Walrus Power
Havoc Power Haze
Jellyfish Technical Maya
Knightmare Technical King Komodo
Pangolin Power Red-Tail
Poltergeist Athletic Gyro
Pulse Technical
Tetanus Technical

Battle ArenasEdit


Vengeance Timeline
Phase One
Hero's Retribution > Bio-Man > Bio-Man 2 > Vengeance: The V-Rangers
Phase Two
Hero's Retribution 2 > Untitled Enzyme DLC Story > Bio-Man 3 > Untitled Holmes Siblings Game > Vengeance: Dawn of Oblivion
Phase Three
Hero's Retribution 3 > Blue Phantom: The Ghost Project > Hero's Revolution > Untitled Third Vengeance Game


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