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The Bigg House: Home Free
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The Bigg House: Home Free is a platform game developed by Outsider Entertainment, designed by Isaac Tessman and Justin Wolfe. The player plays as Skitter, a small spider as he explores the titular "Bigg House".


The Bigg House puts players in the control of Skitter, as he explores the titular house. Skitter has one attack, a simple punch. Punching can be used against small enemies, but larger enemies must be stunned first using Dad's Rubber Band Gun.

The game's environment is one giant hub, but many sections are blocked as of the beginning. To unlock these areas, Skitter must complete platforming and puzzle-based quests. After roughly 5 quests, a boss character is fought. The game ends upon completing all fifty quests, and defeating the final boss.

Throughout the game are seven "gadgets" which contain of everyday objects, one owned by each member of the Biggs Family. Upon taking the object to the Neighbor's shrink ray, it is shrunk to Skitter's size, allowing him to use it much more easily and store it in his inventory. Each gadget has specific purposes which are necessary in order to complete various quests.


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Character Portrayed By
Twin Brother
Twin Sister
General Balsaford
Rancid Rat
Klaus the Dragonfly Justin Wolfe

Bigg House RoomsEdit

Room Area
Foyer First Floor
Living Room First Floor
Den First Floor
Bathroom First Floor
Dining Room First Floor
Kitchen First Floor
Twins' Bedroom Second Floor
Brother's Bedroom Second Floor
Sister's Bedroom Second Floor
Deluxe Bathroom Second Floor
Office Second Floor
Parent's Bedroom Second Floor
Balcony/Rooftop Garden Second Floor
Attic Second Floor
Storage Space Basement
Laundry Room Basement
Game Room Basement
Grandpa's Barracks Basement
Backyard The Yard
Garage The Yard
Toolshed The Yard
Treehouse The Yard
Sunroom The Yard
The Neighbor's Domain The Yard


In order:


  • The Bigg House is the first collaborational game between Outsider and Toshiko.



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