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TO World is an online multiplayer game developed and published by Toshiko Games and Outsider Entertainment.


TO World is an open-world online game that simulates an authentic theme park similar to Universal Studios or Walt Disney World. The game consists of four parks: Toshiko World, Outsider World, Hurricane Cove, and the TO World Sports Center. These parks are alongside a lake and can be accessed from each other by a monorail or a ferry. These parks are large and expansive, similar to size to an actual amusement park. Each park has different areas themed around the various game universes.

The game is a social game, allowing players to explore the theme parks with their friends and meet new people. Various mini-games can be played around the parks and the hotel, including go-karting, scavenger hunts, arcades, and various sports. Side-quests can also be performed, such as collecting certain items, talking to certain people, or helping out employees. Souvenirs can be purchased at gift shops, giving you new options for customizing the player's guest.

There are also two hotels available in the game: Toshiko World Resort Hotel and Outsider World Resort Hotel.  Players will recieve a room at whichever one of the hotels they choose. Players are able to decorate their rooms how they wish using furniture and decor they purchase at giftshops. Hotels have a variety of activities and amenities, including swimming pools, bowling alleys, arcades, and more. If a player wishes to get a room at the other hotel, they must first leave the room at their current one.

One interesting mechanic is that of the Hidden T.E.D.s and Hidden Franks, similar to the Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World. A Hidden T.E.D./Frank is a representation of T.E.D./Frank Johnson that has been inserted subtly into the design of a ride, attraction, or other location in a theme park.

Attractions by ParkEdit

Toshiko WorldEdit

Toshiko PlazaEdit

Ride Type
Obalon HQ Gyro Tower
T.E.D.'s Turbine Enterprise
Toshiko Wheel Ferris Wheel
Toshiko World Amphitheater Amphitheater

Goop LandEdit

Ride Type
The Bilge Rat Swinging Ship
Cosmic Raceway Go-Kart Track
Flight of the Draclo Kid's Coaster
Goop's World: King Grex Strikes Back 3D Movie/Simulator
Mount Magmass Flying Roller Coaster
Tawnya's Temple Trek Top Spin

Zane's Zany ZooEdit

Ride Type
Komba Safari Tram Trolley
Dragonscale Peak Steel coaster


Ride Type
Fishstick's Pipeline Plunge Log Flume
Hothead: Volcano Chaos Wild Mouse Coaster
Imaginator Starring Spiffy Firework Show
Steampunk's Runaway Railroad Mine Train
Whalor's Harbor Havoc River Rapids

Toshiko Action ZoneEdit

Ride Type
Bio-Man: The Ride Motion Simulator/Dark Ride
Color Coaster Inverted Coaster
Fear the Reaper! Enclosed Launched Coaster
System Purge: Anomaly Escape Hanging Dark Ride

Outsider WorldEdit

Outsider PlazaEdit

Ride Type
Arboria Heights Observation Tower
Frank Johnson: The Ride Chairlift/Tour
The Great Arch Fireball
The Overlord Drop Tower


Ride Type
Allister's Domain Dark Ride
Ryvok's Rage Round-Up
The Elite Challenge Steel Coaster
Watersworth's Icy Plunge Log Flume
Woodrow's Treetop Rush Wooden Roller Coaster

Shirtman LandEdit

Ride Type
Colonel Cranium's Might Gravitron
Dinocop & Strongman Strike Back Waltzer
Hooligans: The Mediocre Escape Go-Kart Track/Dark Ride
Master Mynd: Chill Out Freefall Ride
Shiftress' Swing Bungee Swings
Shirtman: The Ride Inverted Steel Coaster


Ride Type
Cowboys Vs Dinos Bumper Boats
Gaston's Mech Shootout Dark Ride/Omnimover
Jack Fort's Monorail Accelerator Coaster
Navy Bones' Locker Pirate Ship
Sir Draco's Knights Zipper
Uncle Cyence's TPM Motion Simulator
Zach's Back and Forward Shuttle Roller Coaster

St. LawrenceEdit

Ride Type
Divided we Fall: First Flight Motion Simulator
Ethal's Hideout Madhouse
Lucifer's Satan Slide Dive Coaster
Malpractice's Rage Tilt-A-Whirl 
Slasher: Splatter Haunted House
Tesslar Takes Flight Cliffhanger
Werewolf with a Vengeance N/A

Hurricane CoveEdit

TO World Sports CenterEdit


No updates are currently planned as of now, but some additions are being considered. Possible updates include:

  • A possible fifth park, LegendGames World (would require Buddy Thompson's permission and creative input)
  • Another possible fifth park, TO Ghostly Kingdom (a ghost/paranormal-themed park)


  • TO World technically contains a fifth park called TO Misty Falls, but it is not functional, instead resembling an abandoned theme park, with degrading rides and moss growing everywhere. The Skin Daddy can actually be seen in this area, watching the player from the surrounding forest.
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