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Slasher is a stealth/action game developed by Outsider Entertainment and designed by Isaac Tessman.


The premise of Slasher is very simple. Based on classic slasher horror movies, players take control of either a custom-created serial killer or an average young person. There are five options, single player challenge maps, single player survival, Local split-screen, custom online games, or quick online games. All players start out empty handed but can find a large amount of varying weapons throughout the maps, most being everyday items. Players can also find a chart or map in most levels. Often, but not always, a revolver and/or a telephone can be found in the level. Revolvers contain 4-8 bullets, and usually result in a one-hit-kill. The phone can be used to call 911, which result in 2-3 police officers to arrive, and will help you defeat the killer. The cops will also have weaker revolvers on them, which normally contain 6 bullets.

In the challenge maps, players take control of Jackson Dennis in his early years, before becoming the antichrist. Following a brief plot, players choose maps and have to complete a series of simple tasks which can include killing the five inhabitants, finding a dead bird calling card, and more. Challenge maps contain three boss fights, the Joyful Twins, a Copycat Killer, and Ominous.

In single player survival, you plays as an average teenager, and must either defeat or escape a AI killer. For an added challenge, the killer can be buffed, or several other killers can be added. Escaping requires the player to complete a series of tasks, and defeating them requires the player to find a weapon and strategically depleting the killer's health.

In local and online multiplayer, players, and possibly some AIs, will take control of a killer and several civilians. Much like survival, the civilians must either defeat the killer or escape it.


  • Playstation 4
    • L1 - Focus
    • R1 - Slash/Light Attack
    • Touch Pad- Map
    • Square - Interact
    • O - Crouch/Hug Cover
    • X - Jump/Vault
    • Left Stick - Move
    • Right Stick - Look
    • D-pad (left) - 3rd Person View
    • D-pad (right) - First Person View
    • Share - Share Footage
    • Options - Pause/AFC
  • PC
    • Q - Focus
    • R Click - Stab/ Heavy Attack
    • L Click - Slash/Light Attack
    • C- Map
    • E - Interact
    • F - Crouch/Hug Cover
    • Spacebar - Jump/Vault
    • WASD - Move
    • Mouse - Look
    • Mousewheel- Toggle View
    • Escape - Pause/AFK

Character CustomizationEdit

See full page.


Default MapsEdit

  • Humble Abode: Jack Dennis' childhood home. An average, two story house with a basement and attic.
  • Mansion: A typical "haunted mansion" that has been left behind by it's previous owner ages ago.
  • Campground: A woodland campground with a lake, cabins, and other campsite necessities.
  • Sanctuary: A run-over church and cemetery, as well as some other small buildings.
  • Elementary: A small town elementary school with a playground.
  • Hospital: The third floor of a hospital with patient rooms, a file room, a pharmacy, and an elevator that leads to a morgue.
  • Joy Factory: The factory and warehouse where Joyful Jimmys and Joyful Jennys are produced.
  • Carnival: A small, traveling carnival with a small coaster, ferris wheel, games, and more.
  • Highway: An unkempt road motel across the street from a fast food diner and a gas station/auto shop.
  • Farm: A standard farm with a barn, corn silo, and farmhouse.
  • Mall: The second floor of a mall. Contains laser tag, arcade, several shops, and a salon.
  • Baseball Stadium: A fully functional baseball stadium full of bleachers and concessions. 
  • Foundry: A metalworking factory with buckets of lava.
  • Movie Theater: An average movie theater with a game room and two open theaters.
  • Meat Locker: The smallest map in the game. Being only one room, it is recommended for "mortal kombat" death battles.

DLC MapsEdit

  • Santa's Village Playland: A Christmas-themed carnival full of animatronic Santas and elves. A Christmas themed train is found outside.
  • Cider Mill: A cider mill tourist trap decked out in kiddie Halloween decorations. Contains a corn maze.
  • Nightmare Tower: A mostly vertical map featuring a tall nightmarish tower made of scraps rising from lava. 
  • Slaughterhouse: A meat processing plant. The default meat locker is now incorporated into this map.


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