In Nightfall: Cryptic, phenomena play a large part. There are many different phenomena present in the game, and they are some of the creepiest and most mysterious legends that can be found.

List of PhenomenaEdit

Phenomenon Area Special
Angel Hair The Flats Random occurrence All
Bloody Mary Downtown Wantapa
The Flats
Can kill instantly Night
Cemetery Statue The Flats Can kill instantly Night
Clown Van The Flats None All
Dead Birds All None All
Deogen Pine County Will attack if approached Night
Doll-littered Trees Pine County Random occurrence All
Fountain Cloud All Random occurrence Night
Gargoyles Downtown Wantapa None Night
Ghost Car The Flats Intangible Night
Ghost Light Saguaro County Requires Skeleton Car Key 3:00 AM
Ghost Ship Dasoonag None Night
Ghost Train Pine County Appears in Haunted Tunnel 7:06 PM
Giant Egg Saguaro County Never hatches All
Lake Vortex The Flats Can suck Vic into it Noon
Lead Mask Murder Pine County None All
Make-out Point Hook Pine County None Night
Morbid Children's Show Downtown Wantapa None All
Organ Cartel Downtown Wantapa None Night
Police Box All Disappears when approached All
Psychic Attack Downtown Wantapa None All
Rain of Fish All None All
Rods and Orbs All Random occurrence Night
Sailing Stones Saguaro County Can't be seen moving All
Spontaneous Human Combustion All Random occurrence All
Stone Sphere Saguaro County
Pine County
Can kill instantly All
Suicidal Car Saguaro County None 6:00 PM
Suicide Dasoonag Can't be stopped Noon, 3:00 PM, and 6:00 PM
Underwater Eye Dasoonag Requires Diver Suit All
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