One of Wisdom

Basic Information
Alias/es: None
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Arboria
Species/Race: Treant Elite
Height: 3.2 meters
Weight: 390 Pounds
Hair Color: Greyish-Green Moss
Eye Color: Blue
Misc. Information
Faction: Evil (Initially Good)
Family Member/s: None
Current Status: Deceased (Killed in battle, sinks into swamp)
Location: Treant Temple
Allies: One of Strength
One of Independence
One of Might
One of Leadership
Enemies: Woodrow
Behind the Scenes
Home Franchise: Knock on Wood
Voiced by: None
Appears in: Knock on Wood

The One of Wisdom is a Treant Elite created by Isaac Tessman and is a boss in Knock on Wood. He is a weeping willow.

The Legacy of One of WisdomEdit


He looks very old, being slightly hunchbacked. He is covered in moss and has very few leaves. Branches and hanging moss gives him the appearance of a beard and mustache, and he is covered in several glowing Germanic-esque Symbols. He is suggested to be blind, with blank glowing blue eyes.


He has more knowledge than anyone in Arboria, and is excellent at magic spells and potions.