One of Leadership

Basic Information
Alias/es: None
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Arboria
Species/Race: Treant Elite
Height: 3.9 meters
Weight: 400 Pounds
Hair Color: Greyish-Green Moss
Eye Color: Orange
Misc. Information
Faction: Evil (Initially Good)
Family Member/s: None
Current Status: Deceased (Killed in battle, falls to death off One of Might)
Location: Treant Temple
Allies: One of Strength
One of Independence
One of Might
One of Wisdom
Enemies: Woodrow
Behind the Scenes
Home Franchise: Knock on Wood
Voiced by: None
Appears in: Knock on Wood

The One of Leadership is a Treant Elite created by Isaac Tessman and is a boss in Knock on Wood. He is an Oak Tree.

The Legacy of One of LeadershipEdit


One of Leadership appears to be wearing a wood crown/helmet with two very large horns, with fire between them. Under the helmet, (which covers a majority of his face with shadows), you can faintly see a neat moss beard. His shoulders are broad, but not as much as the One of Strength. He lost one of his fingers on his right hand, giving him only three.


It is unknown if he had any specific abilities before resurrection, but after resurrection, he was given the ability of Pyrokinesis (controlling fire).