Nightfall: Hell on Earth
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Nightfall: Hell on Earth is an action-adventure game developed by Outsider Entertainment and designed by Isaac Tessman. It stars Gabriel "Gabe" Landis, an average man-turned werewolf who tries to save St. Lawrence from a series of imposing threats.


Nightfall is presented in third-person perspective. Players take control of the series lead character Gabe Landis. The game uses an interconnected hub-and-spoke model that combines action-adventure and exploration mechanics. The player can use a beat-em-up-esque combat system with a mix of melee and ranged atacks. More violent attacks will slowly cause Gabe to transform into a wolf. The game also incorporates RPG elements: as players progress through the game, they earn experience points from performing certain actions and completing in-game challenges: this enables players' skills and abilities to be upgraded in specific ways, such as giving more storage capacity for ammunition. Players can pick up a number of items from the environment, including common makeshift weapons like pipes to come unusual weapons, like a car door. In addition to the main story, players can complete multiple side quests, explore the city, and revisit locations.


Character Decription Portrayed By
Gabe Landis A nomadic everyman who was turned into a werewolf and uses this to become a hero.
Vic Wolfe A somewhat-dorky young cryptozoologist with virtually no future until he joins Gabe. Justin Wolfe
Benjamin Ethal A college medicine professor driven insane after his daughter's death.
Threnody A young woman with magical abilities and a dark, damaged past.
Charlie Kiel Gabe's oldest friend and a member of the police squad, unknowingly trying to stop the vigilante.
Jackson Dennis A serial killer chosen as the vessel of the Antichrist, posing as a satanist. Gabe's ultimate foe.
Daniel Landis Gabe's younger brother who often ends up in trouble with the law. Eventually gains werewolf abilities from his brother and creates an army of prisoners.
Guy Tesslar A genius inventor who started producing black market high-tech military equipment in pursuit of more money.
The Phantom A bank robber who uses blinding techniques to rob banks.
Malpractice A failed clone who grew to unhuman proportions and strengths.
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