Nightfall: Cryptic
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Nightfall: Cryptic is a third-person horror-sandbox game developed and published by Outsider Entertainment, and designed by Justin Wolfe and Isaac Tessman. It is a prequel game and the first game of the series chronologically. It stars Vic Wolfe as he travels to a small town that has a large reputation for urban legends.


Nightfall: Cryptic is a third-person wide-open sandbox game where the player controls Vic in the town of Cactus Haven. There are no real objectives or missions, although talking to certain characters will activate side-quests that required taking pictures of certain legends. These side-quests must be completed in a certain amount of time (usually 3-4 in-game days), and completing them unlocks special secrets. Vic has a special Crypt-Cam he invented; this camera has a zoom function, a night-vision lens, and an infrared lens. For the most part, wandering around and finding the urban legends is the only real objective.


During his spring break, Vic Wolfe travels to the city of Wantapa County, OK, a town with an enormous reputation for urban legends.


Character Portrayed By
Vic Wolfe Justin Wolfe
Adrian N/A
Benjamin Ethal N/A
Dr. Merndel N/A
Jasmine (Cameo) N/A


The game takes place in the town of Cactus Haven, CA. There are five sub-areas of the game map:



  • Nightfall: Cryptic was originally to be developed by Toshiko Games, but was passed along to Outsider Entertainment in September of 2014.


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