Minions and Mechs is a mode in Minion Warfare where the Minion and Shockbot factions battle each other for battlefield supremacy. The two factions can have up to 12 players each, creating a total of 24 players possible in one game of Minions and Mechs.


  • Every defeat scores one point for the player's team.
  • Every revive removes a point from the opponent's team.
  • 50 points are required to win.


Minions and Mechs is based upon the aspect of two teams battling out to control the battlefield. Teamwork is not advised in this mode; it's almost required. Considering how it's easy to get vanquished while alone, the player should avoid straying too far from a group, especially one with a healer. Some classes are more ideal for being alone than others, such as the Chomper, but they are easier to vanquish by the enemy team.


  • Don't be cannon fodder! If you have a hard time avoiding getting vanquished, try another class or approach. Staying near a group of allies helps avoid being vanquished, and allows you to have some support should a group of the enemy approach.
  • Strength in Numbers. Teaming up with one or two allies will allow you to be more powerful than without them. Should one person be a healer, the whole group benefits from healing in between skirmishes.
  • Pick the ideal class. If you prefer not to have allies, using the Chomper or Mac would be a smart call. If you don't like battling, using a more supportive class is suggested.
  • Surprise! Attacking enemies first provides a strategic advantage, and can allow any class to take down any enemy. Camping allows you to keep an area effectively enemy-free, assuming they never expect you.
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Classes and Variants
Team Minion
Cannot (Caliente Cannot · Future Cannot · Circus Cannot) · (Gatling Cannot · Turbo Charge)
Chucky (Spy Chucky · Charged Chucky · Ice Chucky) · (Barrier Summon · Honey Cannon)
Chomper (Char Chomper · El Chompacabra · Turbo Chomper) · (Burrow · Cymbal Crash)
Clod (Cold Clod · Ore Clod · Sonic Clod) · (Rock Charge · Spike Wall)
Snerlin (Shock Snerlin · Armored Snerlin · Medic Snerlin) · (Heal Beam · Heal Stone)
Krackle (Fire Krackle · King Krackle · Cosmic Krackle) · (Dematerialize · UFLS)
Team Shockbot
Footbot (Gladiator Footbot · Commando Footbot · Arctic Footbot) · (Leap of Faith · Smoke Bomb)
Zoom (Fire Zoom · Plasma Zoom · Hunter Zoom) · (Cloaking Device · Laser Barrier)
Mac (Masked Mac · Abominable Mac · Super Mac) · (Light Feet · Stun Pole)
Sarge (Searing Sarge · Toxic Sarge · Shadow Sarge) · (Shockbot Mortar · Airstrike)
Doc (Shock Doc · Power Doc · Aqua Doc) · (Wormhole · Repair Blast)
Pappy (Boom Pappy · Pearly Pappy · Sheriff Pappy) · (Minebot · Gold Missile)
Default Maps
Castle Grex · Crystal Mines · Enviro-Dome · Minionville · Ramshackle Flats · Scallywag Shore
Bash Brothers Maps
Boo Boneyard · Minion Hills · Shockbot City · Toxic Tangle
Bash Brothers · Boom Run · Capture the Opal · Frenemy Fire · Minions and Mechs · Smack Ops
Smack Ops Shockbots
Cheerbot · Discobot · Discobot Mini · Giga Cheerbot · Gorilla-Bot · Quarterbot · Robowocky · Shinobot · Shockolossus
Minion Summons
Bomb Sr. - Cannot Gatling - Ghostie - Jailbird - Mini-Cannon - Petunia - Pump-Kog - Pyrolop - Turret Tim - Webblebug
Shockbot Summons
Bot-apult - Elite Shockbot - Exploding Bot - Medibot - Shockbot Knight - Shockbot Mook - Shockbot Soldier - Steel Shield Shockbot - Toxic Barrel Bot - Wooden Shield Shockbot
Possible Updates
Spice of Life Pack ---> Tactical Mooks Pack ---> Monster Warfare Pack