Minion Warfare 2: Warmageddon
Minion Warfare 2
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Minion Warfare 2: Warmageddon, also known simply as Minion Warfare 2, is an online, team-based, third-person shooter developed and independently published by Toshiko Games. It is the sequel to the previous shooter Minion Warfare and the ninth game chronologically in the Goop series.

Plot SynopsisEdit

"When the diaboligcal and insane Dr. Oktor Von Derwiff attacks the Gooptar Kingdom and successfully takes over the kingdom, Goop and friends can only turn to one crackpot team for help: King Grex and his Minion Army. Grex must put together a new ragtag band of Minions, along with the old crew."


  • 9 powerful character classes for both Minions and Mutents
  • Choose your side, Minions or Mutents, in up to 24-player online battles.
  • Join forces with friends in online 4-player cooperative mode.
  • Personalize your favorite Minions and Mutents with tons of unique items and customizations.
  • 10 unique multiplayer and cooperative battlegrounds.
  • Group Taunts! These taunts are universal and can be used by all character classes. Some of them even involve some kind of interaction between two or more characters.
  • For the first team, the Minions are on the attack!


Toshiko USB ControllerEdit

  • Left Control Stick: Move character
  • Right Control Stick: Move Camera
  • Blue Button: Jump
  • Red Button: Primary Attack
  • Yellow Button: Secondary Attack
  • Green Button: Zoom
  • Orange Button: Reload
  • Left Trigger: Special Ability 1
  • Right Trigger: Special Ability 2
  • Left Trigger + Right Trigger: Special Ability 3
  • Directional Pad: Taunts


  • WASD Keys: Move character
  • Mouse: Move Camera
  • Spacebar: Jump
  • Left Mouse Button: Primary Attack
  • Right Mouse Button: Secondary Attack
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom
  • R Key: Reload
  • Q Key: Special Ability 1
  • E Key: Special Ability 2
  • F Key: Special Ability 3
  • 1/2/3/4 Keys: Taunts


Role Minion Mutent
Infantry Cannot Spooktar
Brawler Chomper Klunk
Sniper Chucky Nigel Whapplesnapp III
Suppression Clod Lolly Dipstick
Healer Snerlin Floyd Windsong
Engineer Krackle Beauregard
Trickster Eekook Magnimus
Stormer G.E.P. Mr. Stinky
Technician Pump-Kog Gizmo


Game ModesEdit


Some update packs are being planned for the game. The follow content packs are being planned:

Tenth ClassEdit

A tenth class may possibly be added to the basic game. Possible characters include:

Team MinionEdit

  • Cap'n Dragshot: A crusty old Dragshot pirate with a chargeable Hand Cannon and the following abilities:
    • Buccaneer Breath: Cap'n Dragshot exhales a noxious cloud of smelly gas that deals damage to any Mutent caught inside.
    • Grapple Harpoon: Cap'n Dragshot fires a harpoon attached to a rope that can be used to pull enemies towards him.
    • Captain's Orders: Cap'n Dragshot pulls out a flag that he carries with him and can be used to buff his teammates; the flag can also be placed in a stationary position.

Team MutentEdit

  • Big Bailey: A large gluttonous science test subject with a back-mounted bomb launcher and the following abilities:
    • Retractable Donut: Big Bailey produces a fishing pole from her helmet with a donut on the end of the line, driving her crazy and increasing her running speed for a short time.
    • Mr. Chuckles Summon: Big Bailey summons a small floating robot that shoots all nearby enemies and follows her for approximately eight seconds.
    • D-X3 Bio-Enhancer: Big Bailey launches an orb in an arc that creates an area-of-effect field around it upon landing that buffs either jump height, attack power, or firing rate; cycles through the buffs in that order


  • The title "Minion Warfare 2" is a reference to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
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Minion Warfare 2: Warmageddon
Classes and Variants
Team Minion
Cannot (Caliente Cannot · Future Cannot · Circus Cannot · Cauldron Cannot)
(Gatling Cannot/Sniper Cannon · Turbo Charge/Turbo Tank · Cannonkaze/Megakaze)
Chucky (Spy Chucky · Charged Chucky · Ice Chucky · Ninja Chucky)
(Barrier Summon/Armored Barrier · Honey Cannon/Sap Cannon · Coffee Crash/Coffee Craze)
Chomper (Char Chomper · El Chompacabra · Turbo Chomper · Dragon Chomper)
(Burrow/Ambush Burrow · Cymbal Crash/Mega Crash · Midfight Snack/Fast Food)
Clod (Cold Clod · Ore Clod · Sonic Clod · Crystal Clod)
(Rock Charge/Wave Tackle · Spike Wall/Brittle Spikes · Snerlin Alert/Snerlin Warp)
Snerlin (Shock Snerlin · Armored Snerlin · Medic Snerlin · Fire Snerlin)
(Heal Beam/Shield Beam · Heal Stone/Charge Stone · Wizard Hover/Warlock Leap)
Krackle (Fire Krackle · King Krackle · Cosmic Krackle · Yummy Krackle)
(Dematerialize/Destabilize · UFLS/AFLS · Short Circuit/Mega Circuit)
G.E.P. (F.E.P. · V.E.P. · U.E.P. · R.E.P.)
(Super Shield/Speedy Shield · Berserker Rage/Berserker Tackle · Slash-Kabob/Bladerang)
Eekook (Freezook · Barbekook · Zombeekook · Crazeekook)
(Breakdance Barrage/Blast-Off Barrage · Vortex Grenade/Repel Grenade · Eekook Decoy/Revival Decoy)
Pump-Kog (Pyro-Kog · Pump-Kool · Boom-Kog · Power-Kog)
(Mega Spring/Explosive Spring · Jet Boost/Mega Boost · Tiny Summon/Detonation Tiny)
Team Mutent
Spooktar (Scald Spooktar · Shock Spooktar · Shiver Spooktar · Sonic Spooktar)
(Banshee Blast/Banshee Boom · Map Scanner/Super Scanner · Gunslinger/Turbo Gunslinger)
Nigel Whapplesnapp III (Safari Nigel · Wild Nigel · Tundra Nigel · Camo Nigel)
(Camo Bush/Kaboom Bush · Sir Winslow/Mr. Clawes · Belch Beast/Belch Dragon)
Klunk (Frosty Klunk · Stone Klunk · Wild Klunk · Tropical Klunk)
(Barrel Roll/Barrel Toss · Grog-n-Jog/Mega Keg · Titanic Twister/Speedy Twister)
Lolly Dipstick (Lolly Firestick · Lolly Popsicle · Lolly Toxic · Lolly Snipes-it)
(Dual Chaingun/Dual Launchers · Gravity Stomp/Shock Stomp · Dream Creeper/Nightmare Creeper)
Floyd Windsong (Floyd Waterfall · Floyd Flamesun · Floyd Herbseed · Floyd Speedgust)
(Smile Gun/Snooze Gun · Happy Beam/Mania Beam · Potion Commotion/Elixir Mixer)
Beauregard (Burnin' Beauregard · Bolt Beauregard · Boom Beauregard · Beeregard)
(Squealin' Hog/Screamin' Goat · Drill Drone/Freeze Drone · Gumbo Pot Shield/Red Hot Gumbo)
Mr. Stinky (Mr. Flame · Mr. Frosty · Mr. Boom · Mr. Tesla)
(Air Compressor/Charge Compressor · Sticky Boomer/Trigger Sticky · Stink Overload/Stink Leaker)
Magnimus (Magmus · Frigimus · Voltorus · Heximus)
Gizmo (Blizzmo · Buzzmo · Gizmagma · Gizmega)
(Gizmo Away!/Gizmo Bomber · Gyro Orb/Mega Rolly Sphere · Electrobumper/Megabumper)
Default Maps
Arabian Fights · Chateau de Derwiff · Frostyflake Lake · Grimes Square
Super Bash Brothers/Grexpendables Mode Maps
Big Hog Bayou · Clocktown · Derworx Factory · Tower of Sp00kiness
Capture Control Maps
Spiral Towers · Volcano Calamity
Boondoggle Mode · Capture Control · Capture the Opal · Grexpendables Mode · Minions and Mutents · Operation: Shutdown · Smack Ops II · Super Bash Brothers
Smack Ops II Bosses
Minhotep · Snaptrap
Minion Summons
Batapult · Bomb Sr. · Chill Chomp · Crocorock · Drumbel · Mini-Cannon · Petunia · Pyrolop · Slick · Torto · Tortron · Webblebug
Mutent Summons
Alazar the Amazing · Mr. Blister
Possible Updates
Battle of the Bilge Pack ---> Smack to the Future Pack ---> TBA
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