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Goop: Minion Warfare
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Minion Warfare, uncommonly known as Goop: Minion Warfare, is an online, team-based, third-person shooter developed and independently published by Toshiko Games. Updates are being considered, such as the Spice of Life Pack, the Tactical Mooks Pack, and the Monster Warfare Pack.

Certain small DLC packs will be released as well, usually coinciding with a certain holiday or adding new content for a special character.

It will be followed by a sequel entitled Minion Warfare 2: Warmageddon.

Plot SynopsisEdit

"When an army of diabolical electrically-charged robots called Shockbots decide to attack the planet Gooptonia, the evil King Grex sends his Minion army to stop the mechanical marauders."


  • Powerful character classes for both Minions and Shockbots
  • Choose your side, Minions or Shockbots, in up to 24-player online battles.
  • Join forces with friends in online 4-player cooperative mode.
  • Personalize your favorite Minions and Shockbots with tons of unique items and customizations.
  • 10 unique multiplayer and cooperative battlegrounds.


Toshiko USB ControllerEdit

  • Left Control Stick: Move character
  • Right Control Stick: Move Camera
  • Blue Button: Jump
  • Red Button: Primary Attack
  • Yellow Button: Secondary Attack
  • Green Button: Zoom
  • Orange Button: Reload
  • Left Trigger: Special Ability 1
  • Right Trigger: Special Ability 2
  • Directional Pad: Taunts


  • WASD Keys: Move character
  • Mouse: Move Camera
  • Spacebar: Jump
  • Left Mouse Button: Primary Attack
  • Right Mouse Button: Secondary Attack
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom
  • R Key: Reload
  • Q Key: Special Ability 1
  • E Key: Special Ability 2
  • 1/2/3/4 Keys: Taunts


Role Minion Shockbot
Infantry Cannot Footbot
Brawler Chomper Mac
Sniper Chucky Zoom
Suppression Clod Sarge
Healer Snerlin Doc
Engineer Krackle Pappy


Game ModesEdit


Some update packs are being planned for the game. The follow content packs are being planned:


  • The title "Minion Warfare" is a reference to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
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Minion Warfare
Classes and Variants
Team Minion
Cannot (Caliente Cannot · Future Cannot · Circus Cannot) · (Gatling Cannot · Turbo Charge)
Chucky (Spy Chucky · Charged Chucky · Ice Chucky) · (Barrier Summon · Honey Cannon)
Chomper (Char Chomper · El Chompacabra · Turbo Chomper) · (Burrow · Cymbal Crash)
Clod (Cold Clod · Ore Clod · Sonic Clod) · (Rock Charge · Spike Wall)
Snerlin (Shock Snerlin · Armored Snerlin · Medic Snerlin) · (Heal Beam · Heal Stone)
Krackle (Fire Krackle · King Krackle · Cosmic Krackle) · (Dematerialize · UFLS)
Team Shockbot
Footbot (Gladiator Footbot · Commando Footbot · Arctic Footbot) · (Leap of Faith · Smoke Bomb)
Zoom (Fire Zoom · Plasma Zoom · Hunter Zoom) · (Cloaking Device · Laser Barrier)
Mac (Masked Mac · Abominable Mac · Super Mac) · (Light Feet · Stun Pole)
Sarge (Searing Sarge · Toxic Sarge · Shadow Sarge) · (Shockbot Mortar · Airstrike)
Doc (Shock Doc · Power Doc · Aqua Doc) · (Wormhole · Repair Blast)
Pappy (Boom Pappy · Pearly Pappy · Sheriff Pappy) · (Minebot · Gold Missile)
Default Maps
Castle Grex · Crystal Mines · Enviro-Dome · Minionville · Ramshackle Flats · Scallywag Shore
Bash Brothers Maps
Boo Boneyard · Minion Hills · Shockbot City · Toxic Tangle
Bash Brothers · Boom Run · Capture the Opal · Frenemy Fire · Minions and Mechs · Smack Ops
Smack Ops Shockbots
Cheerbot · Discobot · Discobot Mini · Giga Cheerbot · Gorilla-Bot · Quarterbot · Robowocky · Shinobot · Shockolossus
Minion Summons
Bomb Sr. - Cannot Gatling - Ghostie - Jailbird - Mini-Cannon - Petunia - Pump-Kog - Pyrolop - Turret Tim - Webblebug
Shockbot Summons
Bot-apult - Elite Shockbot - Exploding Bot - Medibot - Shockbot Knight - Shockbot Mook - Shockbot Soldier - Steel Shield Shockbot - Toxic Barrel Bot - Wooden Shield Shockbot
Possible Updates
Spice of Life Pack ---> Tactical Mooks Pack ---> Monster Warfare Pack
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