Meta Monsters III
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 Meta Monsters III (tentative title) is a role-playing adventure game developed and published by LegendGames Entertainment and created by Buddy Thompson and Justin Wolfe. It stars two protagonists that venture across the Armora Region. The players may once again choose to be male or female, and have the option to change the name of their chosen protagonist.


Meta Monsters III retains all of the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, as well as the introduction of new mechanics. The game now gives players the option to save under multiple profiles, with a maximum of five. In addition, the online multiplayer has been expanded, allowing players to venture through the world as their own character in a separate mode known as Meta Monsters Online. In this mode, players can venture across all three known regions, where they may travel, battle, and socialize with other players around the world.

Due to the game being a prequel, Cosmic forms are inaccessible until the main storyline is complete, although they may be accessed at anytime in the game's online mode.


The story is still under development, although the elements that are known are that:

  • Players once again take the role of a male or female protagonist, named Matthew and Meagan, and set off on their journey across the all-new region of Armora.
  • The game is a prequel to Meta Monsters, leading up to the rise of The Syndicate.
  • For the the first time in the series, morality is introduced. Players may either choose to oppose the creation of the Syndicate, or join the nefarious cause.
  • In Meta Monsters Online, players are able to import their trainers and party from Meta Monsters and Meta Monsters II: Cosmic Aura. In addition, players that choose to play as a male character are given the option to play as Ace Spectrum. Female players may choose a new character named Arya Spectrum.
  • In the post-game, players may choose to venture to either Isshagure or Pintigo. All three regions are available in the game's online mode.


  • This is the first game that introduces multiple save files, as well as the option to side with the villains.
  • This is the only game in the Meta Monsters in which all protagonists are playable.
  • This game marks Ace's first playable appearance in the series, excluding his cameo in Hero's Retribution.
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