In Nightfall: Cryptic, locations play a large part. There are many different locations present in the game, and they are some of the creepiest and most mysterious legends that can be found.

List of LocationsEdit

Location Area Special
Abandoned Hospital Downtown Wantapa None All
Area 52 Saguaro County None All
Atlantis Dasoonag Requires Diver Suit All
Barmuda Triangle Dasoonag Must have aquired Speedboat License All
Creepy Cabin Pine County None All
Crop Circle Pine County None All
Crybaby Bridge Downtown Wantapa None 1:00 AM-2:00 AM
Cult Ritual Site Dasoonag At midnight, hostile cultists may be there All
D.B Cooper Crash Site Pine County None All
Dr. Suture's Laboratory Downtown Wantapa Doctor Suture appears here at night All
Dwarfville Pine County Dwarves will give side-quests All
Ghost Town Saguaro County None All
Giant's Grave Saguaro County None All
Giant Underwater Skeleton Dasoonag Requires Diver Suit All
Haunted House The Flats None Night
Haunted Tunnel Pine County At 7:06 PM, Ghost Train runs through All
Haunted Well The Flats None Night
Iceman Site Pine County Requires Diver Suit All
Mass Grave Saguaro County None All
Mass Web Pine County None All
Moon Landing Set Downtown Wantapa None All
Mountain Grave Saguaro County None All
Retro Game Dump Saguaro County None All
Shipwreck Dasoonag None All
Soul Pit The Flats None Night
Sunken UFO Dasoonag Requires Diver Suit All
UFO Landing Site Saguaro County None All
Underwater Statue Dasoonag Requires Diver Suit All
Voodoo Shack Pine County None All
Zombie Cemetery The Flats None Night
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