This page will be dedicated to a list of game ideas that have been rejected or scrapped by Justin WolfeIsaac Tessman, or Buddy Thompson.

Toshiko GamesEdit

Game Title Description
Bing: Deader Than Dead A survival horror game starring Bing
Bing: Powered-Up A third-person shooter starring Bing
blu A wildlife ecosystem simulator on a distant planet
Cube Country A cube-based sandbox survival game
Dead of Night An online, co-op survival horror FPS
Goop: Powerball A sports game blending wrestling, lacrosse, and soccer
Klio A fantasy beat-em-up game.
Klio II: Final Hours A sequel to Klio.
Kyojin An action-adventure title based on Japanese mythology
Origin An online social game
Red-Tail: The Cradle of Fire An action-adventure title starring Ruby White
Stay Tooned A platform game serving as a parody of cartoons
Tumble Dillo A linear platform game starring an armadillo named Tumble

LegendGames EntertainmentEdit

Outsider EntertainmentEdit

Game Title Description 
The Awakening A survival horror game taking influences from internet creepypastas.
Fort City (Classic) A sandbox building RPG, similar to Minecraft.
Pictor An artsy game about reverting an apocalypse with a magic paintbrush.
S.T.A.R An episodic beat em' up set in the apocalypse.
The Werewolf Hybrid An early version of Nightfall.  Gameplay was similar to an RPG.
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