This is a list of possible game titles that may or may not be developed by Toshiko Games, LegendGames Entertainment, and Outsider Entertainment. There is no confirmation about whether or not they will be developed.

  • NOTE: Technically, all of the game ideas and concepts on the Wiki are hypothetical. This page is for game ideas we're just toying around with and have no plans in place to make.

List of Hypothetical TitlesEdit

Toshiko GamesEdit

Game Title Brief Description
Biodyne A first-person sandbox survival game taking place on an alien planet
Planet Goop The final chronological Goop game that would feature Goop's father and every single Goop character ever

LegendGames EntertainmentEdit

Game Title Brief Description
Brawl Legends: Retribution A fighting game crossover of Brawl Legends and Hero's Retribution, set during the future generation of both universes. The game would be non-canon, and would possibly focus on arcade-driven stories for each character, rather than a full-scale story mode.
LegendGames Multiverse An action-adventure RPG crossover of LegendGames properties in the vein of Kingdom Hearts.
Meta Fighters A 2-D Meta Monsters tournament fighter

Outsider EntertainmentEdit

Game Title Brief Description
Nightfall 3: Ghosts of Pasts A crossover game wrapping up the stories of Nightfall and Divided we Fall, features a large number of playable characters trapped in a DSR Prison holding demons.
Nightfall: Cryptic 2 Takes place a year or so after the first, and Vic has joined a ragtag webshow group of ghost/cryptid hunters. They investigate a coastal mining town near a destroyed WW2 internment camp. Way more story based and linear.
Hooligans 2: Outernational A sequel to Hooligans, following the Hooligans preforming international suicide missions.
Shirtman 2: The Sequential Follow-up A sequel to Shirtman! Shiftress would now be a supporting character. Villains would include Hammoth, Crash N. Burns, and The Animator
Slasher City A sequel to Slasher, featuring a small town as a sandbox open world.


Game Title Brief Description
Brawl Legends X Goop A crossover 2-D fighting game featuring characters from the Goop and Brawl Legends franchises.
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