Hero's Retribution 2
Hero's Retribution II
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Hero's Retribution 2 is an action-adventure superhero game developed by LegendGames Entertainment and designed by Buddy Thompson. It is the sequel to Hero's Retribution and once again stars the trio of Allen Stark, Specter Haze, and Maya Alexandra. It is the fifth game in the Vengeance Shared Universe. After a brief mission in Lynch City, the rest of the story takes place in a new city: Nuevo Venturas.


The game retains the gameplay mechanics of its predecessor, and once again allows players to freely switch between the three protagonists, unlocked after clearing the prologue and tutorial. The game also features a variety of random events, much like those seen in LegendGame's other title, Notoriety. These events may happen at any time during free roam, and range from simple interactions, such as performing tricks for fans of the heroes, to fighting off ambushes.

New to the series is the introduction of face-paced quick-time events, used mainly in boss battles and certain missions, increasing the amount of action in the title, similar to games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Additionally, quick-time events may also be used in random events, for interactions such as saving someone who fell off of a building to fighting thugs aboard a helicopter or redirecting aircraft from crashing into the city.

Other new features to be announced... 


After the defeat and incarceration of Alistair Haze, Allen, Haze, and Maya continue to patrol Lynch City and protect it from potential crime, now officially branded as heroes. However, it is revealed that a new villain, Knightmare, has been monitoring their movements, waiting for a chance to strike. He eventually manages to catch them off guard and takes them prisoner, transporting them to his hometown of Nuevo Venturas. 

Eventually, the trio manages to escape, only to witness the rise of new villains, and a man named Magnus Steele's transformation into the deadly Tetanus. Now, with two villains to worry about, the team must band together to take them down...

Character Portrayed By
Allen Stark/Gyro Buddy Thompson
Specter Haze/Haze
Maya Alexandra/Maya
Richard Krueger/Knightmare
Magnus Steele/Tetanus
Rachel Steele (cameo)
Dylan Holmes/TBA (Epilogue only)


  • This would be the first game to feature Dylan Holmes as a canon character, excluding his cameo in the first game.
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