The Goop series is a series of seven video games of various genres developed and published by Toshiko Games and created by Toshiko CEO Justin Wolfe (who also voices the franchise's main antagonist King Grex). The franchise's first outing is Goop's World, a three-dimensional platformer that follows the journey of Goop, a Gooptar who must rescue Princess Blossom from the evil King Grex.

There are three sequels to the original game (Goop's World 2, Goop and Grex, and Goop's Big World), as well as four spin-off titles (Tawnya: Force of Nature, Minion Warfare, Goop: Full Throttle, and Bing: Dimentia). These all still manage to fit into the canonical timeline of the Goop series.



Game Title Genre Logo
Goop's World Platformer
Goop Logo
Goop's World 2 Platformer
Goop and Grex Platformer
Goop's Big World Platformer


Game Title Genre Logo
Minion Warfare Third-Person Shooter
Tawnya: Force of Nature Action-Adventure
Goop: Full Throttle Combat Racing
Bing: Dimentia Platformer
Minion Warfare 2: Warmageddon Third-Person Shooter


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