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Elder's Legacy
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The Elder's Legacy series is a series of three video games developed and published by LegendGames Entertainment and created by Toshiko CEO Buddy Thompson. It is a single-player action/adventure RPG fantasy series that allows players to roam the medival land of Skyrule, fighting many mythological creatures and even challenging powerful deities.



Game Title Genre Logo
Elder's Legacy: Dragonheart RPG
Elder's Legacy: The Tale of Azrael RPG


Game Title Genre Logo
Elder's Legacy: Online RPG



  • Despite the games following the legacy of Raizo Dragonheart, he is not the main protagonist of the series. Instead, Elders' Legacy: Dragonheart focuses on his descendants, many years after his demise.
    • However, Elders' Legacy: The Tale of Azrael, the DLC saga for Elders' Legacy: Dragonheart, allows players to take control of Raizo and experience the origins of his legend.
  • Elders' Legacy: Online is technically not its own game. Instead, it is a bonus disc that comes with Dragonheart that allows players to play online.
  • Although the series is officially spelled as Elders' Legacy, the game's logo spells it Elder's Legacy.
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