Daniel Landis

Basic Information
Alias/es: "The Warden"
Gender: Male
Birthplace: St. Lawrence, MO
Species/Race: Human/Werewolf
Height: 1.7 meters (Human)
2.3 meters (Werewolf)
Weight: 156 pounds (Human)
200 Pounds (Werewolf)
Hair Color: Blond (Human)
Brown (Werewolf)
Eye Color: Lime Green (Initially Blue)
Misc. Information
Faction: Good/Neutral
Family Member/s: Gabe Landis
Garrett Bishop
Unnamed Mother
Current Status: Deceased (Stabbed through abdomen and ingests fatal amount of concrete)
Location: Unknown
Allies: Vic Wolfe
Gabe Landis
Enemies: Benjamin Ethal
Jack Dennis
Guy Tesslar
The Phantom
Behind the Scenes
Home Franchise: Nightfall (Series)
Voiced by: Unknown
Appears in: Nightfall: Hell on Earth
Nightfall: Winterlong
"No, you don't understand. This isn't about you, or me. It's not about our 'sibling rivalry'. It's about staying in control. Staying powerful. having an army of three or four people isn't going to cut it in St. Lawrence."

Daniel Landis, also known as "The Warden", is a character created by Isaac Tessman and a secondary protagonist and antagonist in the Nightfall franchise. He is the brother of the franchise's main protagonist, Gabe Landis.

The Legacy of DanielEdit

Name originEdit

His real name is unknown, as are the origins of his alias. When taking over the prison, he dubs himself "The Warden".


Dan is very tall and slim, and has a free-runner's build. He has long blond hair and eyes turned lime green from a werewolf drug. Throughout a majority of the first game, he sports an orange prison jumpsuit grey undershirt, and sports a hockey mask. He temporarily dons a black leather Warden jacket, and when he busts out he wears Jeans, a grey plaid hooded jacket, and brown hiking boots.


Danny is a very serious and arrogant character, and is often rude and angry. He is very strict to his soldiers, acting like a dictator.

Relationships to Other CharactersEdit

  • Gabe Landis: He has the worst case of sibling rivalry with Gabe, and often thinks the exact opposite of what he says. However, he will do whatever it takes to help his older brother, including giving him his sword to defeat Lucifer.


Dan possesses many powers and skills, Some of the abilities include:

  • The ability to turn into a werewolf at any time.
  • Superhuman strength, reflexes, durability, and speed.
  • Healing factor that lets him heal from injuries quickly.
  • Slightly increased lifespan.
  • Master swordsmanship.
  • Keen animal senses, such as enhanced senses of smelling, hearing, and vision.


  • While playing Co-Op mode in Nightfall, Daniel is the second player's character. He plays very similar to Gabe. The two players can replay story mode levels, do Co-op side missions, or even fight each other.
" Gabe.. I'm so sorry.. "
—Dan's final words.
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