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Brawl Legends: Shinobi Chronicles is a 2D fighting game developed by LegendGames Entertainment and designed by Buddy Thompson. It is the first installment in the Brawl Legends series.


The gameplay is similar to Namco Bandai's Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series, wherein players battle on a 2-dimensional stage with two planes, a foreground and a background. Players are able to switch planes at any time by pressing up on the D-Pad and the jump button of their system. Each character is given two special moves and two Ultimate Moves, which consume energy from a soul guage located below the character's HP bar. Special moves come in two categories: directional and semi-cinematic. Directional specials often consist of elemental attacks, such as Lee's fire attacks or Rig's Ice Wolves. Semi-cinematic specials, as the name suggest, zoom in on the characters as they perform special melee combos, among other techniques. In addition, certain techniques will be able to clash, activating a "power stuggle" mechanic in which players must press a button to overpower their opponent's attack.

Ultimate attacks are fully cinematic techniques that inflict a large amount of damage on opponents. Each character recieves both a Level 1 and a Level 2 Ultimate Attack, the level being an indication of the amount of energy that is cosumed from the soul guage. Certain characters also unlock special Team Ultimate Attacks whenever they are paired together. These special Ultimates act as a Level 3 Ultimate as they consume the entire soul guage when performed. Several characters have multiple Ultimate attacks, which may be customized before battle.

Battles may either be single matches or team matches. In team matches, players choose three characters: two for battle and one for support. Players are able to switch between the battle characters with the left and right buttons on the D-Pad, and may summon support characters with their system's left trigger button. Items will also spawn on the stage for characters to collect, which may be picked up with their system's right trigger button. 

Certain characters have special transformations that they may access after performing certain Ultimate Attacks. For most characters, this will often result in a simple status change that slightly increases the amount of damage they inflict, or temporarily give them access to new techniques. Other characters, however, access complete transformations that change their moveset entirely, and last until the end of the match. In addition to changing their combos and special moves, these forms, known as Awakenings, also change the characters' Ultimate Attacks. These forms can be unlocked as their own characters after certain criteria has been completed.


All transformations are available whenever playing as their respective character, although they can only be accessed during a battle. They become selectable before battle after completing certain criteria.

Character Availability
Lee Hatake Starter
Lee Hatake (Soul Embrace) Transformation, Unlockable
Lee Hatake (Adult) Unlockable
Adult Lee (True Soul Embrace) Transformation, Unlockable
Fallen Lee Unlockable
Fallen Lee (Corrupted Soul) Transformation, Unlockable
Rig Ryujinki Starter
Jon Kurosaki Starter
Jon Kurosaki (Demon Hachi) Transformation, Unlockable
Rayne Sabakuto Unlockable
Natsuki Uchiyama Starter
Natsuki Uchiyama (Lightning Aura) Transformation, Unlockable
Akari Inoue Unlockable
Nero Crescent Starter
Golden Nero Transformation, Unlockable
Hirudo Crescent Unlockable
Silver Hirudo Transformation, Unlockable
The Fallen Unlockable
The Fallen (Overlord) Transformation, Unlockable
Kisuke Ishiyama Unlockable
Draco Tenshi Starter
Draco Tenshi (Demon Draco) Transformation, Unlockable
Raiden Unlockable
Kane Unlockable
Jenova Crescent Unlockable
Golden Jenova Transformation, Unlockable
Raizo Uchidama Unlockable
Raizo Uchidama (Soul Embrace) Transformation, Unlockable
Hachiro Kurosaki Unlockable


  • Shinobi Chronicles was originally planned to be a handheld counterpart to Brawl Legends: Shinobi Reborn. This was later changed to avoid confusion in regard to the titles.
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