• LeeHatake93

    Some OC Stuff

    July 27, 2017 by LeeHatake93

    This is a list of characters in my hypothetical OC crossover game.

    The various characters that have their own fighter slots.

    • Real Name: Leek
    • Universe: Dragon Ball 
    • Species: Half-Saiyan/Half-Human
    • Brief: Leek is a half-Saiyan warrior raised on Earth several years after the defeat of Frieza on Planet Namek. His world was thrown into chaos by Omega Shenron and he stepped up to repair the world. His heroics attracted the attention of another timeline, where an alternate Trunks summoned him into a world of Time Patrollers, warriors who traveled through time in order to repair history. His techniques were all learned from various warriors throughout history, including Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Bardock, and even villains like Captain Ginyu. He possesses …

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  • Coopergang1

    Hooligans: The Video Game

    November 23, 2015 by Coopergang1
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  • TheAgent41


    November 18, 2015 by TheAgent41

    Class Comparisons
    • Strong against: Spooky
    • Weak against: Cosmic, Ice

    • Strong against: Earth, Flame
    • Weak against: Flora, Ice

    • Strong against: Ancient
    • Weak against: Earth, Sky

    • Strong against: Flame, Wild
    • Weak against: Aqua, Sky

    • Strong against: Flora, Ice
    • Weak against: Aqua, Earth

    • Strong against: Aqua
    • Weak against: Flame, Ice

    • Strong against: Aqua, Flora
    • Weak against: Flame

    • Strong against: Cosmic, Earth
    • Weak against: Earth, Wild

    • Strong against: Wild
    • Weak against: Ancient

    • Strong against: Flora, Sky
    • Weak against: Earth, Spooky

    Name Class Based on...
    Sasquash Earth Sasquatch
    Smashquatch Earth Sasquatch
    Throdag Wild Hodag
    Hodagon Wild Hodag
    Volture Sky Thunderbird
    Thundor Sky Thunderbird
    Crockoon Wild Coonigator
    Raccodile Wild Coonigator

    Mewstery Wild A…

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  • Coopergang1

    This blog is for a television series inspired by and adapted from the Fort City universe. There are some major changes to the universe and its characters. The premise of the show is that it's a sitcom (either animated or live action) that takes place after an apocalypse. It has very similar themes to other post apocalyptic media, including The Walking Dead, Fallout, Mad Max, The Dark Tower, Falling Skies, 28 Days Later, and more. Rather than focusing on Zach, as one would expect, the show revolves around an ensemble cast, similar to Community, Lost, or Friends. The characters' backstories, personalities, and roles in the city and story have been slightly altered to fit the premise of a sitcom.

    The year is 2042. After an economic downfall, def…

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  • TheAgent41

    Minion Warfare: Black Shock Down is a hypothetical tower-defense game and a spin-off of the third-person shooter titles Minion Warfare and Minion Warfare 2: Warmageddon. The game switches to a pre-rendered sprite-based tower-defense similar to the visuals of the Donkey Kong Country series.

    When the evil Shockbot army returns with more reinforcements, King Grex and his Minion Army must rise up to take down the evil automatons.

    In Minion Warfare: Black Shock Down, players place different types of Minions, each with their own unique offensive or defensive capabilities, around a base, in order to stop a horde of Shockbots from reaching the base. The playing field is divided into 5 to 6 horizontal lanes, and with rare exceptions, a Shockbot will only mo…

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  • LeeHatake93

    Some TCG Stuff

    August 29, 2015 by LeeHatake93

    Just some notes for The Crossover Game, and some character development stuffs.

    Some main characters and alternate versions of Lee Hatake introduced in the game.

    • The Legend: One of the universal entities of the Multiverse, The Legend is the embodiment of the LegendGames Multiverse, but soon discovers the Crossover Multiverse and communes with the other Universal Entities. He learns of a mysterious man who has somehow gained the ability to hop through worlds, and is able to convince the villains of each world to join his ranks, building a massive army of villains. Due to the mysterious man's apparent ignorance toward the existence of the LG Multiverse, The Legend is tasked with finding an individual that knows the worlds and characters well en…

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  • Goopking

    This is a blog for a hypothetical YouTube channel I may make, similar to Epic Rap Battles of History.

    Contestants Connection
    Willy Wonka vs. Milton Hershey Both are famous candy makers.
    Krampus vs. Baba Yaga Both are creatures from European folklore.
    Indiana Jones vs. Jack Sparrow Both are famous explorers from film.
    R. L. Stine vs. H. P. Lovecraft Both are horror writers known for their initials.
    Theodore Roosevelt vs. Andrew Jackson Both are larger-than-life former Presidents.
    King Arthur vs. Beowulf Both are famous figures in English literature.
    Dr. Claw vs. Dr. Evil Both are fictional evil doctors.
    Doughboy vs. Mrs. Butterworth Both are cake mix advertising mascots.
    Christian Chandler vs. Kevin Smith Both are (in)famous comic strip enthusiasts.

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  • Goopking

    Kaiju Karnage: The Series

    August 21, 2015 by Goopking

    This is an episode list for a hypothetical animated series of Kaiju Karnage. The series would hopefully be produced by Adelaide Productions, the studio that created Extreme Ghostbusters, Men in Black: The Series, and Godzilla: The Series.

    A team of scientists (Owen, Nikki, Malcolm, and Wendy), along with the help of an ex-Marine, follow and study the giant prehistoric turtle Goragorall while battling everything from kaiju to aliens to science experiments-gone-wrong.

    Title Description
    A Big Secret While studying the migration patterns of whales, a team of scientists awake a massive prehistoric turtle named Goragorall, whom they must save from a military strike.
    Gate of Ishtar After archeologists unleash an ancient Babylonian dragon from its sleep, the…

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  • Coopergang1

    Cryptic (TV Show)

    August 8, 2015 by Coopergang1

    This is a hypothetical monster-of-the-week Nightfall: Cryptic TV show.

    Vic Wolfe is a young aspiring cryptozoologist and paranormal investigator. Stuck at medical school under his father's command, he secretly travels to the town of Wantape, Oklahoma, which is allegedly a hotspot for supernatural activity.

    Season 1:

    1. Pilot: Vic Wolfe travels to the town of Wantape, Oklahoma and finds some strange-goings-ons.

    • Justin Wolfe as Vic Wolfe, a young somewhat-dorky aspiring cryptozoologist.
    • William Mapother as Benjamin Ethal, Vic's professor in medical school.
    • N/A as Adrian, Vic's roommate in medical school.
    • N/A as Jasmine, Adrian's sister and a nurse.
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  • Coopergang1

    Hooligans is one of my games with the most potential to become a TV series, especially with it's diverse cast of characters.

    After yet another unsuccessful bank robbery, a group of Bank Robbers decides to expand it's horizons and recruit new members with varying methods of completing tasks.

    Season 1:

    1. Pilot: A gang of animal-themed bank robbers gets thrown off course by the arrival of another gang, and are arrested.
    2. The Strongman: The gang must capture a supervillain known as The Strongman.
    3. Kin Ko: The gang is tasked to take out a rival arms dealer and an MMA expert.
    4. Ghouligans: The gang is surprised by the appearence of a rival gang of bank robbers who dress like classic horror monsters.
    5. Gizzard Squad: The gang is assigned to take out a group of c…

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  • LeeHatake93

    These are ideas for a reboot of the Brawl Legends Manga video game idea I had a few years ago. This will be one of two reboots for the manga itself, not counting the canon video game series. This one keeps all of the crossover content from the manga intact, although some of the story will be rewritten and some of my canon crossover ideas (such as Brawl Legends: Retribution) will also be merged into this game.

    Brawl Legends: Revolution (乱闘の伝説:ナルティメット革命 Rantō Densetsu: Reboryūshon in Japan) is the hypothetical video game adaptation of the Brawl Legends manga. It would be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U, with consoles varying their coverage of the story. The original title was "Ultimate Ninja Revolution" because the game followed the …

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  • LeeHatake93

    This is a list of characters I've made in my Soulcalibur Games, to go alongside my list of Sims. My Crossover Game artwork and other stuff have been moved to the character moveset blog.

    I have characters on two different memory cards.

    • Dylan Holmes (SC3 Original design)
    • Allen Stark (SC3 Original design)
    • Laura Saint (Saints Row IV, no tattoo)
    • Kessler (SC3 Original design)
    • Raike Frostfire (Nordic Carved Armor, Grey hair)
    • Serana (The Elder Scrolls: Dawnguard)

    • Dart Feld (Legend of Dragoon)
    • Trevor Philips (Grand Theft Auto V Default)
    • Goruffigo (Manga design)
    • Kessler (inFamous design)
    • Sasuke Uchiha (Shippuden, Kage Summit design)

    I have two accounts for Soulcalibur IV characters.

    All of the characters created on my primary account, on my primary PlayStation 3. …

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  • Goopking

    Game Idea: Biodyne

    July 10, 2015 by Goopking

    Biodyne is a hypothetical first-person survival sandbox game to be developed and published independently by Toshiko Games. Adapted from previous scrapped titles such as Cube Country and zo, Biodyne centers around a xenobiologist sent to document the wildlife of an alien planet who becomes marooned on the planet after a ship malfunction.

    The player takes on the role of an unnamed male or female xenobiologist (a scientist who studies extraterrestrial life) who has been sent down to an alien planet to document the wildlife of the planet Tychon. Most of the species on the Earth have died off from human activity, and scientists have created a plan to replace the lost species with alien animals and plants. Upon landing, however, the player's personal s…

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  • Coopergang1

    I had this game idea in a dream last night, and thought it would be pretty cool. It would be like all them fancy-like new games such as Skylanders, Disney Infinity, or Lego Dimensions

    Rather than the typical "Fire, Water, etc." the types would be more fitting with Cartoons.

    • Nonsense (Rivals with Schemer) Ex. Billy, Billy and Mandy
    • Schemer (Rivals with Nonsense) Ex. Eddy, Ed, Edd, n Eddy
    • Nerd (Rivals with Dummy) Ex. Numbuh 2, Kids Next Door
    • Dummy (Rivals with Nerd) Ex. Cow, Cow & Chicken
    • Mystic (Rivals with Tough Guy) Ex. Raven, Teen Titans
    • Tough Guy (Rivals with Mystic) Ex. Kevin Levin, Ben 10

    • Main Worlds
      • Crystal Cove Outskirts (Scooby Doo)
      • Dexter's Laboratory (Dexter's Laboratory)
      • Foster's Home (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)
      • Future Japan (Samurai Ja…

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  • Goopking

    Not going into detail. Just accept it.

    • Athletics: Characters with this ability can walk tightropes and wall-jump.
    • Firepower: Characters with this ability can burn through certain objects and melt ice.
    • Flight: Characters with this ability can glide short distances.
    • Gun User: Characters with this ability can shoot certain objects with a gun.
    • Invisibility: Characters with this ability can turn invisible to sneak past enemies and move through grates.
    • Magic Blast: Characters with this ability can fire a magical projectile to hit special targets.
    • Mechanic: Characters with this ability can repair broken machinery and interact with machine panels.
    • Mini Access: Characters with this ability can crawl through tiny vents to reach secret areas.
    • Super-Strength: Characte…

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  • Coopergang1

    Lego Goosebumps

    July 9, 2015 by Coopergang1
    • R.L Stine
    • Zach Cooper
    • Hannah Stine
    • Dorky big teeth kid
    • Anna
    • Zach's Mom
    • Curly the Skeleton
    • Zombie
    • Dr. Brewer
    • Cuddles the Hamster
    • Evil Camera
    • Invisible boy
    • Slappy
    • Mr. Wood
    • Mr. Mortman
    • Uncle Al
    • Haunted Mask
    • Werewolf
    • Mud Monster
    • Horror
    • Garry the Bee
    • Scarecrow
    • Mummy
    • Auditorium Phantom
    • The Masked Muntant
    • Executioner
    • Sponge
    • Ghost Dog
    • Buddy (Camp JellyJam)
    • Hap (Gnomes)
    • Chip (Gnomes)
    • Steve Boswell
    • Headless Ghost
    • Rabbit
    • Rocky
    • Beast 
    • Ghost Camper
    • Abominable Snowman
    • Viking
    • Jack-o-Lantern
    • Vampire
    • Creep
    • Snowman
    • Dr. Eeek
    • Shrunken Head
    • Blob
    • Basement Dweller
    • Crystal the Chicken 
    • Egg Monster
    • Hairy Larry
    • Knight in Screaming Armour
    • Mad Mummy
    • Shock Creation
    • The Cat
    • Dr. Maniac
    • Captian Ben
    • Wizzard of Oooze
    • Jonathan Chiller
    • Mrs. Maaargh
    • Monster Blood
    • Billy and Sheena
    • Carly Beth
    • Bride of Slappy
    • Fever Swamp Hermit
    • Galloping Gaz…
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  • Goopking

    Minions in Hell (totally not the real name) is a strictly-hypothetical third-person crossover shooter game developed by Toshiko Games and Outsider Entertainment and published by Outsider Entertainment. The game would be a crossover between the two companies' respective team shooter titles: Minion Warfare/Minion Warfare 2: Warmageddon and Special Place in Hell.

    Something stupid, I'm sure. King Grex decides that it's not worth it to try and conquer a kingdom constantly defended by Goop, so he and his Minion Brigade fly through space to find a new, Goop-less planet to conquer. By coincidence, they happen to pick Earth and touch down in the middle of a fight with the SPIH criminals.

    The game would be third-person in view, just like its two source ga…

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  • Coopergang1

    Nightfall 3: Ghosts of Pasts is an action-adventure game developed by Outsider Entertainment and designed by Isaac Tessman. It stars The Phantom, as well as a series of other villains and heroes of the Nightfall Franchise.

    Two years after the Event of Nightfall 2, man and demon have been fighting a secret war across the nation, in order to stop Hell from taking over Earth. Meanwhile, the DSR has been rebuilding itself after being nearly completely wiped out by Blaine Marcius. Gabe Landis comes into contact with his father, who is now the leader of the DSR. Gabe's closest allies join the DSR and create a task force to help hunt down demons across the nation. These demons have been locked up in a high-security underground prison aptly dubbed "H…

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  • LeeHatake93

    This is a template for character movesets in The Crossover Game. I will leave it here as a reference so that I can use it for future articles whenever I decide to make a Crossover Game Wiki.

    [Character Name] is [role] from [game, movie, or series], and would be playable in The Crossover Game.


    [Character description]

    • [Every
    • game
    • character
    • appears
    • in]

    [What character is doing in Story Mode]

    [Character has up to two rivals, but can have three if necessary. Reason for fighting goes here]

    [What is this character's current status? The story is neverending, so this what the character did the last time you see them]

    [Note that you may opt for alternate movesets for a specific character. In that case, you will list the character's …

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  • Goopking

    Game Idea: One by One

    June 25, 2015 by Goopking

    One by One is an online multiplayer survival-horror video game to be developed and published independently by Toshiko Games and designed by Justin Wolfe. The game allows two to four players to play as human victims of a monster (controlled by another player) inspired by popular monster movies. There will be three different game modes, each compatible with all of the various monster scenarios.

    One by One is an online multiplayer survival-horror video game that can support three to five players. Players choose one of several different scenarios, each with a different map, setting, backstory, and player monster. In each match, two to four players take on the role of a human being purused by a monstrous creature. The remaining player will take o…

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  • Goopking

    Untitled Horror Fighting Game would be a crossover tournament fighter game developed by Toshiko Games, LegendGames Entertainment, and Outsider Entertainment and published by one of the three. The game would cross together various universes of the three companies and bring together at least 12 different horror-themed characters to battle it out.


    Players control characters with different fighting styles and special attacks, engaging in one-on-one combat to deplete their opponent's life gauge. The game features 2.5D graphics; movement is restricted to a two-dimensional plane, while the characters and backgrounds are rendered in a three-dimensional fashion. Matches take place over three rounds by default (although Custom Match mode allows for…

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  • Goopking

    Blah blah character list blah.

    1. 3-D
    2. 50s Boy
    3. 50s Girl
    4. 50s Man
    5. 50s Woman
    6. Band Battle Judge
    7. Babs
    8. Biff Tannen
    9. Biff Tannen (50s)
    10. Biff Tannen (A)
    11. Biff Tannen (Alternate)
    12. Biff Tannen (Dance)
    13. Bob Gale
    14. Buck
    15. Ceegar
    16. Chester "Whitey" Nogura
    17. Christopher Lloyd
    18. Clara Clayton
    19. Copernicus
    20. Darth Vader
    21. Dave McFly
    22. Dave McFly (Alternate)
    23. Douglas Needles
    24. Einstein
    25. Ellen Baines
    26. Elsie Peabody
    27. Emmett Brown
    28. Emmett Brown (50s)
    29. Emmett Brown (Hazmat)
    30. Emmett Brown (Wild West)
    31. George McFly
    32. George McFly (50s)
    33. George McFly (Alternate)
    34. George McFly (Dance)
    35. Gerald Strickland
    36. Gerald Strickland (50s)
    37. Gerald Strickland (A)
    38. Goldie Wilson
    39. Goldie Wilson (50s)
    40. Griff Tannen
    41. Gunslinger
    42. Huey Lewis
    43. James Strickland
    44. Jeb
    45. Jennifer Parker
    46. Jules
    47. Krusty the Clown
    48. Leslie "Spike" O'Malley
    49. Levi
    50. Libyan
    51. Linda McFly
    52. Linda McFly (Alternate)
    53. Lorraine Mc…

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  • Goopking

    This is a blog for ideas regarding mine and Isaac's Minecraft map, a giant city-sized mansion.

    • Arcade
    • Archery Range
    • Basketball Court
    • Church to Alvevis, the Great Dragon
    • Courtyard
    • Farm
    • Greenhouse
    • Isaac's Bedroom
    • Justin's Bedroom
    • Library
    • Movie Theater
    • Parkour Course
    • Restaurant and/or Kitchen
    • Ritual Room
    • Spleef Arena
    • Water Park
    • Zombie Kill Arena
    • Zoo
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  • Goopking

    Minion Warfare 2: Warmageddon is a hypothetical, online, third-person shooter that would be developed and published by Toshiko Games. It would be the sequel to Minion Warfare, Toshiko's first team shooter. The game would feature entirely new Minion classes and a new enemy team, Team Mutent.

    When the diaboligcal and insane Dr. Oktor Von Derwiff attacks the Gooptar Kingdom and successfully takes over the kingdom, Goop and friends can only turn to one crackpot team for help: King Grex and his Minion Army. Grex must put together a new ragtag band of Minions, along with the old crew.

    MInion Warfare 2: Warmageddon possesses gameplay almost identical to the original. Each team possesses three new classes, each with a primary weapon, secondary attack,…

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  • Goopking

    The story follows two new agents: Agents 62 and 63. They are two new containment specialists charged with investigating strange phenomena across the globe and recovering various paranormal items, people, and creatures. Pretty straight-forward.

    No. Episode Name Description
    101 "Compromised" After a spike in the rate of containment of new anomalies, the Department of Paranormal Anomalies hire a former FBI agent and a former US marshall as containment specialists.
    102 "All in the Eyes" Agents 62 and 63 are sent to a small town in Georgia after Anomaly-038 escapes and is captured by a traveling circus sideshow.
    103 "Fire Hazard" When the leader of a ruthless Chicago street gang finds a strange stone that imbues him with pyrokinetic abilities, Agents …

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  • Goopking

    Yeah, I might bring back Cube Country in a heavily updated form and with the working title Brixplorer. The game would be third-person and would feature a lot fewer cubes.

    • Dirt
      • Swamp Dirt
    • Gravel
    • Ice
    • Sand
      • Soul Sand
    • Stone
      • Darkstone
      • Dreamstone
      • Fossil Stone
      • Jungle Stone
      • Ore Stone
      • Moss Stone
      • Sandstone
    • Wood
      • Birch Wood
      • Blossom Wood
      • Jungle Wood
      • Oak Wood
      • Petrified Wood
      • Redwood Wood

    • Bricks
      • Darkstone Bricks
      • Dreamstone Bricks
      • Stone Bricks
    • Diamond
    • Gold
    • Iron
    • Ivory
    • Meat
    • Snow

    This list includes major and sub-biomes.

    • Cave
      • Flooded Cave
      • Mushroom Cave
    • Desert
      • Rolling Dunes
    • Forest
      • Blossom Grove
      • Mushroom Forest
      • Petrified Forest
      • Redwood Forest
      • Taiga Forest
    • Grassland
      • Flower Meadow
    • Jungle
      • Tropics
    • Mesa
    • Mountain
      • Alpine Mountain
      • Volcano
    • Ocean
      • Beach
      • Deep Ocean
      • Kelp Forest
      • Reef
      • Rocky Beach
    • Savanna
    • Swamp
      • Dense Swamp
      • Wetland
    • Tundra
      • Ice L…

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  • Goopking


    • Athletics: This character can walk tightropes and wall-jump.
    • Flight: This character can glide short distances.
    • Intangibility: This character can faze through mesh gates.
    • Mind-control: This character can control certain NPCs.
    • Mini-access: This character can get through small passageways.
    • Super-strength: This character can pick up heavy objects.
    • Swimmer: This character can swim underwater.
    • Tech-savvy: This character can interact with special technology panels.

    • Alistair Haze-----(Tech-savvy)
    • Alistair Haze (Funeral)
    • Alistair Haze (Lab)
    • Alistair Haze (Prison)
    • Alistair Haze (Villain)
    • Ali Stark (Kid)---(Mini-access)
    • Ali Stark (Teen)-----(Tech-savvy)
    • Allen Stark-----(Tech-savvy)
    • Allen Stark (Funeral)-----(Tech-savvy)
    • Allen Stark (Vigilante)-----(Tech-savv…

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  • Goopking

    This is a hypothetical Starring... section of a Meta Monsters Honest Trailer.

    Monster Name
    Frilleaf That Thing That Killed Dennis Nedry
    Chlorofrill Frill Wheaton
    Aborigrove Aborigrover Cleveland
    Hissea Snake? Snake?!?
    Pythoon SNAAAAKE!
    Hurriconda Hurriconda Don't Want None
    Pterferno Petri from The Land Before Time
    Dactraft Pterri from Peewee's Playhouse
    Pteroscorch Burn Down For What!
    Liternhare Cotton swab
    Cirrubbit Dust bunny
    Prodo Too Dumb to Live
    Dodread Big Bird on Elm Street
    Gloworm How to Eat Fried Gloworms
    Puplug LED
    Illuminsect Lightning Butt
    Malodor Silent But Deadly
    Toxious Taco Bell Regular
    Snoworm Let It Snoworms
    Pupole Woobie
    Arctinsect Frozen Mothra
    Garracuda Garry Busey
    Alligar River Monsters
    Irodon Irodon Juan
    Carnegon Steel tycoon
    Sandywog Sgt. Frog

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  • Goopking

    Awesomebots is a 3-D online platform/third-person-shooter game that would be developed and published by Toshiko Games and designed by Justin Wolfe. The game would serve as a mass crossover of sorts between universes through concepts and ideas, not necessarily through characters themselves. The game would be the only Toshiko game to star T.E.D..

    Out in the cosmos, on T.E.D.'s game development factory/planet-sized space station the TGS Cosmobot, all manner of game ideas are being developed by a team of dedicated and fun-loving robots led by T.E.D. himself. Every year, one group of robots, dubbed the "Awesomebots", dukes it out using tons of different gadgets in an effort to come out on top and star in their own video game.

    Awesomebots is a 3-D o…

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  • LeeHatake93

    LEGO LegendGames Multiverse is a hypothetical video game idea that would be a LEGO-fied crossover of all LegendGames properties.

    The story revolves around an unknown entity, seemingly related to Bankatsu no Akuma, who has been observing the various worlds throughout the LegendGames Multiverse over the years. Watching as each hero defeats their respective villains, each new villain exacts their revenge on the heroes, looking into the future, where most heroes are now raising their families, or greeting their grandchildren and descendants, and even sneaks a peek at collaborative endeavors, such as the formation of the V-Rangers, the entity observes from the shadows of every corner.

    However, this entity isn't satisified with the way events have …

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  • Coopergang1

    • Path
      • You can design the path that your guests will follow to advance through the attraction
    • Floor:
      • Gravel
      • Dirt
      • Old Wood
      • Old Carpet
      • Concrete
      • Checkered Tiles
      • Grass
      • Toolshed
      • Circus
      • Hospital
      • Alien
    • Walls
      • Solid Wallpaper
      • Single Stripe Wallpaper
      • Stripe Wallpaper
      • Dimond Wallpaper
      • Bricks
      • Checkers
      • Rotted Wood
      • Old Wood
      • Castle Stone
      • Hospital
      • Old Siding
      • Toolshed
      • Living Room
      • Circus
      • Bathroom
      • Alien
      • Hay Bales
      • Barb Fence
      • Wood Fence
    • Lighting
      • Old Flickering Lights
      • Chandelier
      • Christmas Lights
      • Alien Lights
      • Gas Lights
      • Wall Torches
      • Blacklights
      • Circus

    • Castle
    • Circus
    • Farm
    • Future
    • Hospital
    • Mansion
    • Swamp
    • Temple

    Costume Theme
    Aztec Mummy Temple
    Banshee Mansion
    Bear Farm
    Bunny Man Mansion
    Butcher Farm
    Chain Phantom Castle
    Chainsaw Freak Farm
    Cultist Hospital
    Deadly Doctor Hospital
    Deadly Doll Circus
    Devil Mansion
    Extraterrestrial Fu…

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  • Coopergang1

    No. Title Synopsis Villain
    S1E1 Pilot Gabe Landis is bitten by a werewolf and starts to exhibit strange feelings, symptoms, and abilities. Gabe's brother, Daniel is arrested for a murder he didn't commit. Gabe witnesses a train wreck and discovers a fragment of an ancient code, and is caught in a bank robbery where he meets Vic Wolfe, a soemwhat-dorky Cryptozoologist. The Phantom
    S1E2 Instill A new threat is posed on St. Lawrence, a man Dressed as a Coroner who captures officials and tortures nearly to death them on live television. Coroner
    S1E3 Threnody Gabe pursues one of the robbers, hoping for answers to the code. Gabe also finds out about Lucifer, a satanist with unimaginable abilities. Threnody
    S1E5 Malpractice The mysterious figure send…

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  • LeeHatake93

    A Full Sims List

    June 6, 2015 by LeeHatake93

    This is an entire list of Sims I've created or downloaded in The Sims, The Sims 2 (Console), The Sims 2 (PC), The Sims 3 (Xbox 360), The Sims 3: Pets (Xbox 360), The Sims 3 (PC), and The Sims 4. I may have forgotten a few Sims from save files I haven't played in a while or deleted Sims that were created but not saved, but this is the overall complete list of Sims I have. This list ONLY includes Sims that I have made myself or downloaded from the Sims Store/Gallery, and does not include pre-made Sims, despite some of my Sims families having them.

    I only played the PC version once when I was a kid. Haven't played it in years. Since I forgot the actual name of the Sims I created back then, I've just listed one that my aunt made that I played a…

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  • Goopking

    Lost in Summerside (tentative title) is an indie horror game concept by me just now. It would be developed by whoever and would probably be a Steam Greenlight release. The game takes inspiration from famous horror games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and regrettably Five Nights at Freddy's. It would be a short indie game, easily made in unity.

    The day is amazing and fun at the Summerside Acres farm, and the annual Fall Fest is booming as usual. At the end of the day, the volunteers running the ticket booth to the famous Summerside Acres corn maze (biggest in the state!) catch you as you're about to go home and ask you if you can run through the maze to find some straggling people so they can lock up. You agree and head in. After about an hou…

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  • Goopking

    Lego Toshiko Games

    June 3, 2015 by Goopking

    No description needed. List of characters for a Lego Toshiko game.

    • Athletics: This character can wall-jump and cross tightropes.
    • Charm: This character can interact with special magical objects.
    • Gliding: This character can glide short distances.
    • Marksman: This character can fire projectiles.
    • Mechanic: This character can fix broken machinery.
    • Mini-Access: This character can fit through small holes.
    • Pyrokinesis: This character can breathe fire.
    • Scientist: This character can intereact with gadgets and stuff.
    • Shape-Shift: This character can shape shift. This ability is held by Goop only.
    • Super-Strength: This character can lift heavy objects.

    Character From? Abilities
    Arthur Winters Vengeance Scientist
    Bing Goop Mechanic
    Bing (Hypersuit) Goop Mechanic

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  • Goopking

    [insert character name] is a [hero/villain] from the [insert franchise] series. In TLO Universe, [insert character name] is a [insert element] character.

    [insert short biography]

    • Full Name: [insert info]
    • Gender: [insert info]
    • Species: [insert info]
    • Notable Quote: "[insert quote]"

    [Insert description of toy's pose]

    These are the starting and maximum statistics for this character in the TLO Universe.

    • Health: [insert base number] ([insert max number] max)
    • Power: [insert base number] ([insert max number] max)
    • Critical Hit: [insert base number] ([insert max number] max)
    • Elemental Advantage: [insert base number] ([insert max number] max)

    [By the way, all quotes should be in italics. Delete this line when writing a page.]

    • "[insert quote]"
    • "[insert quote]"
    • "[insert quote]"

    • "…

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  • Goopking

    Long story short, the possible Meta Monsters Online MMORPG would take place in a new region, requiring a fourth Generation of monsters. What I'm doing here is coming up with my dream dex of monsters cobbled together from my three fake dex blogs:


    None of these are new; this is an amalgam dex.

    Name Type Based On
    Bushby Plant Bush baby
    Treemur Plant/Fighting Lemur
    Lemurrior Plant/Fighting Lemur
    Cubble Water Bear cub
    Nanorse Water/Ice Polar bear
    Ursgard Water/Ice

    Polar bear + Viking

    Pyrhino Fire Rhino
    Kerasear Fi…

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  • Goopking

    TLO Universe is a hypothetical 3D action-adventure platform game to be co-developed by Toshiko Games, LegendGames Entertainment, and Outsider Entertainment and will serve as a proper crossover between the three. Similar to Activision's Skylanders franchise, the game uses collectible figurines that are then synchronized with the game, unlocking characters from Toshiko, LegendGames, and Outsider properties to play as in the game.

    To be announced...

    TLO Universe is a 3D action-adventure platform game that, like the Skylanders and Disney Infinity franchises, utilizes real-life figurines. These figurines, when placed upon the Altar of Awesomeness, come to life in-game and players can switch between the characters at any time. Up to two players can play at…

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  • Goopking

    • Super-Hero
    • Super-Villain

    • Gene Carrier (Hero's Retribution)
    • Cybernetic (Bio-Man)

    • Lean: Lean, thin, and fit.
    • Stocky: Average size and rather muscular.
    • Brute: Huge muscles and tall.

    • Lean: Lean, thin, and fit.
    • Stocky: Average size and rather muscular.
    • Brute: Huge muscles and tall.

    • Flight: The ability to fly indefinitely.
    • Burrowing: The ability to burrow beneath the ground at high speeds.
    • Levitation: The ability to float above the ground at high speeds.
    • Megajumping: The ability to jump incredible distances.
    • Superhuman Speed: The ability to run at incredible speeds.

    • Pyrokinesis: Ability to control fire.
    • Cryokinesis: Ability to control ice.
    • Teslakinesis: Ability to control electricity.
    • Green Thumb: Ability to control plants.
    • C.H.E. Ability to use various gadgets.
    • Rage Monster: Abilit…

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  • Coopergang1
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  • Goopking

    Toshiko Movie Blog

    May 13, 2015 by Goopking
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  • LeeHatake93

    This blog is dedicated to characters from my inFamous and Hero's Retribution crossover idea. However, some of my original characters may be remade into fighters for Vengeance: Battle for Earth, making them part of the Hero's Retribution canon.

    If you're reading this blog for Vengeance characters, you may go ahead and skip this section..

    Character Age Powers
    Kessler Holmes (Cole MacGrath)

    48 (Chronologically)

    58 (Physically)

    Electrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Electric-Based Telepathy, One-Way Time Travel
    Jodie Holmes 45 None
    Brendan Holmes 12 Undiscovered
    Delsin Rowe 38

    Power Absorption

    Smoke Manipulation, Neon, Video Manipulation, Concrete, Ability to combine different powers, several abilities not shown yet

    The Beast (Cole MacGrath)


    Cross-Dimensional Ti…

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  • Goopking

    Goop X Brawl Legends is a hypothetical crossover fighting game that would be developed by Toshiko Games and LegendGames Entertainment. The game would cross-over the Goop and Brawl Legends franchises developed by Toshiko and LegendGames, respectively. The game would have 20 playable characters:

    • 10 Goop Characters
    • 10 Brawl Legends Characters

    The game would also feature a variety of stages based on game environments.


    The game would be very similar to that of the Street Fighter series and the Tekken series: a traditional two-dimensional fighter where players use light and heavy attacks to diminish their opponent's life bar. Players can also grab and throw opponents, block attacks, and charge up a special attack that deals tons of damage.

    • Square: Light Attack
    • C…

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  • Goopking

    blu Redux

    April 20, 2015 by Goopking

    This is a redux of that blu idea I previously had (the alien wildlife simulator). I've been rethinking it and now I've fleshed it out a bit more.

    Players can now choose one of four habitats to play in, each represented by a different color and having its own set of playable animals.

    Habitat Color Inspiration Biome
    Uzal Blue
    Urangue Orange
    Varde Green
    Propua Purple
    • An unnamed semi-aquatic, carnivorous monitor lizard
    • An unnamed whale/shark creature

    • An unnamed armadillo-esque mammal

    • An unnamed crocodilian

    • An unnamed big cat
    • An unnamed simian creature
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  • LeeHatake93

    My version of The Crossover Game is a fighting game in the vein of Super Smash Bros and PlayStation All-Stars, with a free roam open world in the style of Grand Theft Auto V. The story is told in the style of LEGO video games. The Crossover Game would primarily be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PC. The open-world gameplay is exclusive to PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC.

    The overall fighting game engine would be derived from Super Smash Bros, with elements of PlayStation All-Stars. Battles can be fought in both damage-based and HP-centric battles. A character's moveset will consist of four directional melee attacks, three directional smash attacks, and four special moves. Each character will recieve two …

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  • Goopking

    Bored, so I'm doing these again.

    • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Anomaly-036 is a ninja sword sharpened down, not to the width of an atom, but to the width of a single quark.
    • After Action Report: All of the documents.
    • Amusement Park of Doom: Anomaly-008 presumably resides in one of these.
    • An Ice Person: Anomaly-029, "Frozen Joe"
    • And I Must Scream: Anomaly-058 is "Mr. Beaky", a man who was surgically altered to vaguely resemble an octopus, Human Centipede-style.
    • Artifact Collection Agency: The Department of Paranormal Anomalies
    • Artifact of Doom: Many of them.
    • Bears Are Bad News: Anomaly-022 (the Headless Bear)
    • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Anomaly-011 is an 80-foot termite tower with foot-long termites.
    • Big Eater: Anomaly-027 and Anomaly-032. Anomaly-071 turns its victims int…
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  • Goopking


    March 29, 2015 by Goopking

    This is my concept for a team-based TF2-esque shooter. The working title is Warmageddon.

    Coming soon

    Players create characters to fit into one of several classes. Unlike TF2, characters are nameable and faces are completely customizable (similar to MMORPG character creators like WoW and Lord of the Rings Online). Characters can be customized with a variety of hats, facial hair styles, and other accessories.

    Each character can be equipped with four pieces of equipment: a Ranged Weapon, a Throwable Weapon, a Melee Weapon, and a Gadget. Primary Weapons and Throwable Weapons are always ranged weapons (with the Throwable Weapon being thrown like a grenade), Melee Weapons are for close-quarters combat, and Gadgets allow characters to use a special abil…

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  • Goopking

    This is my concept for a Toshiko vs Outsider team-based TF2-esque shooter. I don't have a title for it at all.

    A bunch of Toshiko and Outsider fanboys are arguing over which company is better and decide to have a literal fanbase war to see which is better.

    Players create characters to fit into one of several classes. Unlike TF2, characters are nameable and faces are completely customizable (similar to MMORPG character creators like WoW and Lord of the Rings Online). Characters can be customized with a variety of hats, facial hairs, hairstyles, masks, outfits, and other accessories. All accessories can be used by all classes, although characters created for the Toshiko team can only wear Toshiko-related items and wield Toshiko-related weapons an…

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  • Coopergang1

    I've found some songs that would fit in hypothetical movies based on Outsider Entertainment, or if I'm lucky, games. I've also had quite a few songs that I've been wanting to make a blog for as well.

    Song Name Artist Game Scene
    25 or 6 to 4 Chicago Hooligans Intro/Trailer
    Baker Street Gerry Rafferty Nightfall: Cryptic Radio
    Cemetary Gates Pantera Slasher Trailer
    Cold as Ice Foreigner Shirtman! Master Mynd introduction
    Don't Fear the Reaper Blue Öyster Cult

    Nightfall: Cryptic

    Every Breath You Take The Police Special Place in Hell Lugnuts Introduction
    Horse With No Name America Nightfall: Cryptic Radio
    How Far We've Come Matchbox 20 Fort City Intro/Trailer
    God Bless the USA Lee Greenwood Shirtman! Mister 'Merica's Appearances
    Good Man Devour the Day Nightfall 1 or 2 Intro/Op…

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  • Goopking

    This blog details an alternate concept for TLO Universe, a mass crossover game that Isaac and I came up with. This is just to provide a possible alternate gameplay style for the game for variety.

    The greatest heroes and villains of the Toshiko, LegendGames, and Outsider universes are suddenly removed from their worlds and summoned to the Infinity, a magnificent space station helmed by T.E.D., Frank Johnson, and Dylan Holmes, the masters of the three companies.

    The three inform the various TLO characters that a massive surge of dark energy has engulfed the Cruxsupra Galaxy, turning the inhabitants of its various planets against one another. They tell the characters that they must investigate this surge and destroy the source of it before it is …

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