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Bio-Man 3
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Bio-Man 3 is an action-adventure superhero game developed by Toshiko Games and designed by Justin Wolfe. It stars the titular character, an animal-themed superhero referred to as Bio-Man (real name Colin Cain), who must save the city of New Metro City, CA from a gang war, as well as confront the agent that murdered his father. It is the third of three games in the Bio-Man series. It is the sequel to Bio-Man 2 and the final game in the series. It is the sixth game in the Vengeance Shared Universe.


The game has an open world/free-roaming concept, similar to its predecessor. The combat system is reminiscent of the Rocksteady Studios-developed Batman game series, using a free-flow design and counterattacks. There is also sometimes a stealth element of the combat, allowing Bio-Man to pick off enemies one-by-one. New abilities can be unlocked as the game progresses, such as new moves, as well as upgrades to current abilities.


A year after Bio-Man 2, the government has decided to take over operations at Cortech Industries due to the number of super-villains it has created. The government places an official named Agent Brock in charge of the facilities, unaware that Agent Brock has his own plans. Meanwhile, Colin Cain is preparing to propose to his girlfriend Holly, when her college friend Phil Wittman returns from an archaeological dig in Asia. As the two catch up, Holly shows Phil the new paleontology lab that Cortech is funding. An accident happens, and Phil is presumed dead and given a body-less funeral.

A gang war begins brewing in New Metro City, CA, with one of the gangs being led by a female villain named Poltergeist, who can levitate herself and other objects. The violence between these gangs begins to grow and escalate, and Bio-Man realizes this is his biggest challenge yet. Bio-Man alone must defeat Poltergeist, take down the new villain Tarman (actually Phil Wittman), and finally confront his father's killer: Agent Brock.


Character Portrayed By
Colin Cain/Bio-Man
Martha Cain
Holly Brooks
Agent Brock
Verne Bridges/Havoc
Phil Wittman/Tarman
Carmela Suarez/Poltergeist


  • Bio-Man 3 is the third game in the Bio-Man series.
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