Bio-Man 2
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Bio-Man 2 is an action-adventure superhero game developed by Toshiko Games and designed by Justin Wolfe. It stars the titular character, an animal-themed superhero referred to as Bio-Man (real name Colin Cain), who must save the city of New Metro City, CA from three new villains. It is the second of three games in the Bio-Man series. It is the sequel to Bio-Man. It will be followed by a sequel entitled Bio-Man 3. It is the third game in the Vengeance Shared Universe.


The game has an open world/free-roaming concept, similar to its predecessor. The combat system is reminiscent of the Rocksteady Studios-developed Batman game series, using a free-flow design and counterattacks. There is also sometimes a stealth element of the combat, allowing Bio-Man to pick off enemies one-by-one. New abilities can be unlocked as the game progresses, such as new moves, as well as upgrades to current abilities.


Two years after the events of Bio-Man, Colin Cain has made a name for himself as vigilante superhero Bio-Man. His romance with Holly Brooks is growing stronger and he has finally moved on from the death of his father Walter Cain. Holly has received an internship at Cortech Industries, which has started a new series of projects using animal DNA to advance human attributes in addition to C.H.E.s. Cortech also has a new CEO, Henry Holton, who is secretly embezzling money from the company.

Bio-Man's job becomes complicated when two new scientist-turned-supervillains named Jellyfish and Silverback, both secretly working for Holton, begin wreaking havoc. Only Bio-Man can take down these villains, as well as a slowly-mutating Henry Holton.


Character Portrayed By
Colin Cain/Bio-Man
Martha Cain
Holly Brooks
Don Rutherford
Cecil Balkey/Jellyfish
Gordon Raines/Silverback
Henry Holton/Earthworm


  • Bio-Man 2 is the second game in the Bio-Man series.
Vengeance Timeline
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Hero's Retribution > Bio-Man > Bio-Man 2 > Vengeance: The V-Rangers
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Hero's Retribution 2 > Untitled Enzyme DLC Story > Bio-Man 3 > Untitled Holmes Siblings Game > Vengeance: Dawn of Oblivion
Phase Three
Hero's Retribution 3 > Blue Phantom: The Ghost Project > Hero's Revolution > Untitled Third Vengeance Game

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