Bash Brothers is a mode in Minion Warfare. It involves the fight between Minions and Shockbots in control of the battlefield. The Minions must defend the bases and prevent the Shockbots from capturing them all, while the objective of the Shockbots is to capture all the bases. This mode is similar to base capture from other FPS games.



  • Don't get caught off-guard: Shockbots will be coming to take over your bases, and getting yourself ready will help ensure the Shockbots will have a hard time taking over the base.
  • Shape the environment to your favor: Place means of practical cover and land mines to make the Shockbots' advance harder and your defense easier. Heal Stones placed strategically will help even more.
  • Minion Summon Support: Minion Summons, while weak alone, can be placed frequently to provide damage or tactical bonuses to the entire base, and make some of the hardest Shockbot attacks much easier.


  • Attack in waves: Wave-attacking makes each attack all the harder to take down.
  • Soften up: Attacking from the skies makes a land-based push easier, and masking your approach will make the land assault harder to retaliate against.
  • Summoned Shockbot Aid: Individually, summoned Shockbots lack any power or ability. But when a swarm of them attacks a single base, they are much harder to defend against. Sheer numbers can overwhelm even the most well fortified bases.
  • Strongest for the last: Summon the best Shockbots when you are close to overtime. If a strong Shockbot such as a Steel Shield Shockbot gets into the base after overtime, it will take a while for them to kill the Shockbot. Use this delay to keep the overtime going until you capture the base.

End of gameEdit

Eventually one side will achieve victory. The game ends when either a timer runs out or the Shockbots successfully captured the final base. However, if the latter happens, the Shockbots will receive additional Power Orbs as an extra Perfect Win reward. Either way, both sides calculate their score by adding Orbs earned in game with 200 Orbs (100 for Shockbots) for each base occupied for the team and, if all Shockbots are defended, 1,000 Orbs as a Perfect Win reward. Each map has a different number of bases, so scores may differ. If the timer runs out for capturing a base while there is at least one Shockbot in that base, the game will go into overtime until there are either no Shockbots in the base or it gets captured.

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